Mobilization: OMAX, SmartPay and Opera Mobile Store


    Today we continue to share surprises on a mobile theme. In the previous article, you already learned about the release of new versions of Opera Mobile and Opera Mini, and also briefly familiarized yourself with the new features presented in them. That was news to a greater extent for users, today surprises await those who prefer to combine business with pleasure - they use the Internet not only as an information and entertainment channel, but also as a means of earning real money for themselves. But for starters - a bit of theory and numbers.

    Everyone knows that the number of users is a key indicator that allows you to assess the commercial potential of a software product or online service. If you have a million users, you already have the opportunity to earn tangible money through partnerships, advertising, paid services and other reasonable (i.e., voluntary for the user) ways of making profit. If your user base has grown to 10 million, you can not only keep a small staff, but also receive funds for the further rapid development of the project. The 100 millionth user audience says that you have become a member of a big business and if you still haven't thought about how to monetize your project, you are, to put it mildly, a very original person.

    To date, the number of users of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers in the world exceeds 160 million, and more than 6 million are added to this figure every month. And we are not original - we want to make money. Naturally - in reasonable ways. In fact, we have long been making money on our mobile developments, which everyone can learn from publicly available quarterly reports of Opera Software , but for some reason we want to earn even more. Here is such a strange whim.

    But how to make money on software products distributed completely free of charge? This is a very interesting question and it is always asked to us one of the first at any meeting with users and developers. Yes, we do not sell the product to users, but we can provide the opportunity for others to sell their products and services through our browsers, while receiving a certain percentage of the profit of our partners. As you can see - in fact, everything is quite simple and banal. It remains only to offer our users and potential partners convenient tools that will allow both reasonably making money and competently spending their money. These tools, in fact, will be discussed today.


    Advertising. We all hate her, but at the same time, the whole business still rests precisely on her, damned. Take away the advertising - and the whole global market will collapse, drawing everyone into the abyss of chaos, both producers and consumers. Of course, it would be possible to rebel against this colorful smiling monster, inviting us all to a non-existent ideal world without caries and stains on clothes, but there is one small problem - we need money. And it’s the advertising business that brings good money.

    Therefore, we present today a new version of our own global mobile advertising system - OMAX. The system is based on the AdMarvel advertising platform we purchased two years ago, to which the purchases of the current month were added - the advertising networks Mobile Theory Inc. (works in the American market) and 4th Screen (works in the European market). Thus, OMAX today is a complete solution for the placement of mobile advertising around the world, accessible to all agencies, advertisers and mobile operators.

    The uniqueness of the new system is that thanks to the large number of users of Opera mobile browsers around the world, we can provide very accurate positioning of advertisements both on a geographical basis and according to user preferences. At the same time, I remind you that we are adherents of a rational approach to making money, therefore we do not arrange any “tracking” of users - we only need general information analyzed on Opera Mini servers. It remains only to add that advertising is platform-independent and can be done using all the technologies available today - the usual placement in the page code or using JavaScript, through the XML API or native SDKs for iOS and Android, thus providing easy integration of advertising ads in both web pages and mobile applications.

    However, enough about advertising. After all, there are more noble ways to make money on the Internet, for example -

    Opera Mobile Store

    We have launched an updated version of this portal, which provides the distribution of both free mobile applications and completely paid ones. Now this service is based on the Handster project acquired in September last year, and after completing all the integration steps, today Opera Mobile Store has become the fifth largest mobile application portal in the world. Currently, the catalog contains more than 55,000 applications (both free and paid) for all popular devices on the Android, Java, Symbian, BlackBerry and iOS platforms (more than 3,000 devices are supported in total), sales are carried out in 200 countries, and monthly The number of application downloads exceeds 45 million.

    And again, returning to the conversation about the benefits of mass product: by the way, access to the Opera Mobile Store is carried out in one click from all browsers Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, and this, I remind you, more than 160 million potential users of your applications, and a significant part of them will become and your customers. By the way, the catalog has a lot of applications in Russian, in other words - one of your friends, programmers, is already making money selling apps through the Opera Mobile Store. You can also join - it's simple, just register on the page for developers .

    Read more about the new Opera Mobile Store here., and we will move on to the next topic, smoothly flowing from the previous one: how, in fact, to pay and, much more interesting, to earn what you earned? And here a problem arises. No, the problem is not that it is difficult to pay and receive, this is just all right. The difficulty is that while I was writing the first part of the article, several more press releases were published, and they fit very well in today's review of Opera Software’s mobile solutions. Therefore, I will try to combine all the latest information into one chapter -


    As I said, the Opera Mobile Store has no problems with user payments and developers getting money. But you always want all these processes to go even faster, more safely and with the least loss. Well, we also agree with this and continue to develop the topic. For example, by entering into a partnership agreement with InMobi , the company that came up with the SmartPay mobile payment system . This system works around the world and makes it easy to make payments when purchasing both mobile applications and mobile content.

    But in fact, for Russia and the CIS this service is not so interesting due to objective reasons. We would have something dear, close in spirit, with birches and pickled mushrooms for vodka. Well - not a question. Especially to simplify work with the Opera Mobile Store in the former USSR, Opera Software expanded its cooperation with Yandex by integrating the Yandex.Money payment system . Thus, in those countries where Yandex.Money is in circulation, this type of settlements will be preferable for users and developers of Opera Mobile Store applications.

    So, the situation with payment systems is understandable, but there is always a fear that when making a mobile payment, something will go wrong, not in the right place and not in the volume in which it was planned. Nowadays, the crooks have divorced a lot, they just dream of emptying your wallet for a certain amount, the size of which is proportional to the arrogance of fraudsters. In other words, we need a reliable transaction system that inspires confidence in both payers and payees. And now we also have such a system - Opera Payment Exchange .

    Thanks to this payment system, users will be able to make payments without leaving the Opera browser, which eliminates the possibility of errors or failures when switching to using an external tool. It is also worth saying that this system is already being used in working with our partners - InMobi SmartPay, Yandex.Money and Bango (another mobile payment system that provides purchases of applications in the Opera Mobile Store for American users).

    So, as a result.
    As you already understood, Opera mobile browsers today are not only valuable furprograms for viewing web pages, but also they have already become part of a global system that allows you to access various content and mobile applications from anywhere in the world, pay for goods and services, make money - in general, make full use of all the opportunities provided to us by the worldwide network called the internet. Actually, this was and is our main goal - to provide users of our browsers with all the benefits of the Web as much as technically possible. And I can say more: the same goal continues to be the main one in our plans for the future. We hope that you will be able to appreciate our efforts in this direction.

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