Free Icon Navigator

    Yesterday, once again, the question arose of selecting several icons in the next web project. I mainly use ready-made icons from free sets. Until recently, resorted to the services of the site Navigating through the icons was not the most convenient, but clearly better than just looking through them in the Finder (or Explorer). However, recently the site is unavailable.

    In the end, I decided to make my own icon navigator : The navigator is an HTML page with JavaScript code. That is, it works great when open from a local drive. But for convenience and demonstration, I posted it online on GitHub as well -

    In fact, the interface allows you to view the entire list of icons from several sets (you need it when you don’t know what you are looking for) and allow you to filter the set by keyword, leaving only those that meet the criterion on the page (when you know approximately what the name of what you are looking for).

    Sources are located at - For regular viewing, it’s easier to download the archive and open index.html to search for icons (GitHub Pages still responds slowly to thousands of requests :))

    The idea of ​​the navigator was ripe for a long time, and the idle site only accelerated the process. In practice, it turned out that even Google Chrome is pretty hard to manipulate over 7,000 icons. When you open the page, only those icons that are currently visible are loaded. To do this, use the plugin for jQuery LazyLoad. Unfortunately, its performance on such volumes was insufficient and it took some time to improve in terms of speed. As a result, page scrolling stopped permanently slowing down, but only periodically think. Although the system requirements for the client are still quite high. Sprites could significantly improve the situation, but their generation is a separate issue that has been postponed for the future.

    The navigator was made primarily to satisfy their own needs. But, I think, it will be useful to other developers.

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