Russia in your pocket: Rambler-Carts mobile navigation

    We launched free mobile navigation for popular platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and navigators.

    Mobile Rambler-Maps will provide you with convenient navigation around Russia, detailed maps (120 thousand settlements, 2 thousand of them with detailed “at home”) and accurate information about traffic jams in cities and on highways.

    Routes are laid and updated based on the current situation on the roads, plus the algorithm analyzes the situation in previous days. The program has voice and graphic prompts that warn of maneuvers, dangers, surveillance cameras, and even about speed bumps.

    And also we have:
    • 3D maps of the entire coverage area;
    • indication of the recommended lane;
    • Augmented Reality
    • search for houses by addresses and POIs (gas stations, ATMs, cafes, shops);
    • night mode, saving route, etc.

    Recall that the Rambler-Cards were updated in July 2011 and became the most detailed maps of Russia in Runet.
    The technological partner and supplier of the maps for the Rambler-Maps application is Sidikom (PROGOROD car navigation).

    Download fast for iOS

    for Android

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