Canobuvosti, 129th edition

    We welcome those who are ready to sit down, set aside all their affairs and devote some time to their benefit. With you is the one hundred and twenty-ninth, warming issue of Canobuvost. And it begins with good news - Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective will appear in the episode, and Syndicate will do without an online pass. You will say that such news is interesting only to bourgeois players, but believe me, the story about a ghost saving a life is magnificent. And the problems with one-time network keys ... we hope you never touch them.
    See in this issue:
    - The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - kill the dragon with one arrow
    - Hybrid - little self-determination
    - Man vs Machine - legal assembly
    - EverQuest - for free
    - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - no protest

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