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    It's no secret that the cost of imported goods in domestic stores can be several times higher than the cost in stores abroad. This state of affairs is caused by a number of objective and not very good reasons, but the fact remains: imported goods are unreasonably expensive for domestic consumers.

    On the other hand, the flow of people traveling abroad on vacation, on business trips or business trips, is growing every year. Some of them travel abroad regularly. On their trips, they sometimes buy some items for resale, but finding a buyer is often difficult for them, and the risk of not selling is high. Meet such people with potential customers even before the trip helps service.

    How it works

    The service is based on two key concepts - these are delivery (travel) offers and delivery orders (orders) of goods.
    Trips are offers from people who are going to travel and can (for an agreed fee or without it) bring any goods.
    Orders is a list of applications for the delivery of certain goods (in most cases, from abroad) for a predetermined cost (the total amount, as a rule, consists of the purchase price and delivery fees).

    After placing an order / trip, the service provides the opportunity to automatically select a list of suitable oncoming trips / orders to conclude a transaction.


    Since the cost of the same product in different countries and even cities can vary significantly, private delivery is beneficial for both parties: the traveler receives a reward for delivery, and the customer the goods are cheaper than in the local store.

    All you need to earn on your vacation or business trip is simply to add a trip to, find a person (suitable options will be offered automatically) who need to bring something, and get a reward from him for delivering the goods.

    If you want to buy something that costs a lot more here than abroad, you should just place an order on, find a person (suitable options will be offered automatically) who is going on a trip, and agree on the cost of delivery of the goods you need.


    The service is primarily targeted at individuals, but it will undoubtedly be of interest to organizations, including stores selling imported goods. For them, the solution to the problem of high delivery costs can be cooperation with people who go abroad on their own business, but are ready to bring the necessary goods from there for a fee. The service will help you find them!


    It took about a month to write the basic functionality. The service is entirely written in python (django), Postgresql is used as the database. Load balancing is handled by nginx. Memcache is used for caching.
    We did the design on our own (there is no designer in the team), so we will be glad to any productive comments (and not only in design).
    The search is implemented using sphinx, and sphinx is also responsible for selecting counter orders for the trip and counter trips for the order.
    Now the service is under active development - there are a number of ideas for improving and expanding the functionality that are planned to be implemented soon. Follow us on Twitter to keep abreast of the latest developments.


    Constructive criticism is welcomed, various forms of cooperation and mutually beneficial proposals are considered. It would be very interesting to hear the opinion of the Khabrovsk citizens both about the idea as a whole and about its implementation.


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