Hacking from the "cloud", Russian.Leaks, WAF bypass, VOIP protection and much more!

    The materials of webinars conducted by Positive Technologies as part of the Practical Safety educational program have been published.
    The program is aimed at raising the awareness of specialists about existing threats, methods and approaches to analyzing security, as well as about managing compliance with standards and monitoring the effectiveness of protective equipment. The speakers are well-known experts in information security - representatives of Positive Technologies and the Positive Research research center .
    In 2011, more than 10 webinars were held, bringing together more than 1,500 participants from around the world. Presentations were made on issues of Web security, cloud computing, network infrastructure, VOIP networks, reviews on the topics of compliance monitoring, evaluating the effectiveness of information protection tools and the practical use of the security monitoring system and compliance with MaxPatrol standards .

    The archive of recordings of speeches and presentations of reports is available at the following address:
    http://www.ptsecurity.ru/webinars.asp?t=1 We are

    pleased to hear the wishes of habro-people on the topics of speeches in 2012!

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