Yandex.Dictionaries - Using words from "Notebooks" in the "Check Yourself" block

    There is such a method of learning a foreign language - you read an interesting book in the original and constantly look at unfamiliar words in the dictionary. Some words in books are rarely repeated, so you need to repeat them yourself. Previously, paper notebooks were used for this - foreign words were written in the left column, and translations were written in the right column. Then they alternately closed the right and left columns and checked themselves.

    Since Yandex has a wonderful service of Dictionaries , in which there are “Notebooks”, where you can enter translatable words, as well as the “Test yourself” block with tests, it would seem that you can forget about paper notebooks. But no. In the block "Check yourself" you can not use the words from the "Notebooks". And, despite numerous requestsusers, this feature has not yet been implemented.

    Frankly, this problem would not have bothered me so much if I had not started reading the Game of Thrones from George Martin's Song of Ice and Fire in the original . But if so, then why not just improve our world?

    We write a bookmarklet that receives a list of user notebooks and replaces the standard set of foreign words in the “Test yourself” block with words from the active notebook. In this case, the active notebook can be changed directly in the block itself. The source code of the script is small and rather trivial, so it makes no sense to describe it. In addition, it is open under MIT, BSD and GPL licenses, so anyone interested can play with it.

    Unfortunately, using a script you cannot work with notebooks with less than five words and listen to polysyllabic words (for example, “set out”, “help on”). But who is not without sin?

    Installation Page
    Source Code on GitHub

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