DARPA Equips Spyware with Common Beetles

    At the same time, miniature cameras and microphones will be powered by the energy generated by the wings of insects in flight. How all this will look and work is not yet clear, but the project itself is not a joke, but a reality. DARPA carries out large-scale research in this area, and a trial kit of a camera and microphone for insects is just around the corner, work is being done quite quickly.

    The prospects for this kind of project are quite large - because insects will be able to penetrate the most dangerous (for various reasons) points, exploring the situation on the ground. Well, of course, intelligence agencies will also be able to monitor everything that is possible.

    The developers promise to conduct tests as early as next year (there is not much time left until next year, right?), Which will make it possible to verify in practice the operability of such a system. The bearer of the spyware kit will initially be the brilliant green beetle (Cotinis nitida - lat.). Well, and in the process of improving the technology, it will probably be possible to equip a smaller insect camera and microphone.

    It is interesting that earlier scientists already conducted research on controlling the movement of insects in flight, and this project was quite successful (in my opinion, information about this project was also published on Habré). Now, the bugs, the flight of which can be controlled, equipped with mini-cameras and microphones, will become a pretty serious tool for the military, intelligence and all others.

    The project was called "Hybrid Insect Micro Electromechanical Systems", or, abbreviated as "Hybrid Insect".

    Via the telegraph

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