CLR via C # in Russian released

    imageI am very glad that the publishing house "Peter", finally, has released in the Russian edition of a wonderful book by no less remarkable author - Jeffrey Richter. And I am happy to share this news!

    This book, which is published in the third edition and has already become a classic textbook on programming, describes in detail the internal structure and functioning of the common language runtime environment (CLR) of the Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0. Written by a recognized programming expert Jeffrey Richter, who has been a consultant to the Microsoft .NET Framework development team for many years, the book will teach you how to create truly reliable applications of any kind, including using Microsoft Silverlight, ASP.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation, etc. .d.
    The third edition is fully updated in accordance with the specification of the .NET Framework 4.0 and the principles of multi-core programming.

    PS: there are no more topic links, but I consider the news worthy.

    Peter prices:
    - on ozone ordered for 975 (delivery is free due to payment by card) another 20 days, until they were delivered;
    - on cereal 1200;
    - on judging by the price tag 1211;
    - The House of Books on Nevsky 1,320.30.

    Having bought a book, I have to agree with unflattering comments:
    1 Sergey5518 and
    2 aq1aut18

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