Repeated problems with access to Google from Russia

    Public DNS, gmail servers, part of CDN networks are not available.

    Google web services are working now.

    Our technical support service receives a lot of complaints about problems with the availability of different sites.

    > ping -t Packet

    exchange from to 32 bytes of data:
    Request timed out.
    Timed out request.
    Reply from number of bytes = 32 time = 123ms TTL = 38
    Waiting interval for request exceeded.

    Traffic on MSK-IX / SPB-IX is similarly dropping.

    The decline in traffic on highways in Moscow has already reached 10%, and in St. Petersburg about 20% of the total traffic.

    Let me remind you that last Thursday there were problems with similar symptoms, about which google said "The reason for the failure is problems with the fiber optic network in Russia."

    No official information yet. We follow the events.

    upd It can be seen that google is rebuilding the

    upd routes from the router : Last week, with Google’s problems, there were crashes on the RETN network. Now, too, an accident on their own network from 14:42. I have a suspicion that Google uses the RETN transport network to Russia.

    upd 15:39 At the moment, all google services are available. This time the interruption was about an hour.


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