Django 1.4 alpha 1 released

    The developers of the magnificent framework decided to please us before the New Year - and released the 1.4 alpha version!

    Sample release schedule:
    • Week of January 30, 2012: first beta release.
    • Week of February 27, 2012: first release candidate.
    • Week of March 5, 2012: final release.

    Immediately, Python 2.4 is no longer supported . Minimum - version 2.5.

    A complete list of what’s new can be found on the official website , and I’ll write a little of what I liked.
    • Support for SELECT FOR UPDATE query .
    • Password hashing has been improved: PBKDF2 (or BCrypt ) algorithm is now used instead of the old SHA1.
    • HTML5 doctype in admin interface.
    • Sorting by several columns at once in the admin panel.
    • The old FormWizard from django.contrib.formtools.wizard has been replaced with a completely new one .
    • reverse_lazy () - lazy version of django.core.urlresolvers.reverse ()
    • Internationalization for urlpatterns through i18n_patterns () will make life easier for multilingual sites. More on this .
    • Support for * args and ** kwargs in simple_tag , inclusion_tag and the new assignment_tag .
    • Patterned filter truncatechars for trimming lines to a predetermined length.
    • CachedStaticFilesStorage backend for caching static files, turning css / style.css into something like this: css / style.314d22ab3153.css
    • CSRF improvements, adding a decorator for ajax requests, protection from PUT and DELETE, and other tasty buns .
    • Updated code
    • ... and many small changes have been added .

    Backward incompatible changes can be viewed here .

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