About personal programming experience in transport, McDonald's and other crowded and noisy places


    I am a Ruby on Rails developer in one fairly large and growing company. I love my work, but also in my free time I write various projects for the soul and sometimes for money. During working hours, it is difficult to write the mentioned conscience, but you always want to save personal time and spend on some pleasant idleness.

    Due to the nature of the type of activity, I need the following props (I think this is a gentleman's set of many of us): a laptop with a charged battery, a place to sit and the Internet (not always)

    On the way to work and back in transport, I began to think that it would be nice to occupy this segment of the day with something useful and fruitful. And when I moved to another apartment, it turned out that now I have to go to work by bus from the final to the final stop (or from the initial to the initial, I do not know how to use it more correctly).

    How do i do it

    When I get on the bus, I choose a more comfortable place where the lid of the laptop lying on my lap does not rest against the back of the next seat, I launch all the necessary software, dim the screen brightness to save battery, and fall into a trance.

    Seriously. I can reach this level of concentration only late at night, when everything that can sleep is sleeping. Knowing that I have 20-40 minutes of travel time, I have to make decisions very quickly, choose the most optimal ways to solve problems. It turned out that I have time to do what I would spend at home all evening.

    An even greater discovery for me was a complete distraction from extraneous noise. But everything is simple - in such crowded places, such an abundance of sounds tends to white noise , as if it is silence, just the opposite.

    It happened that when I was waiting at some meeting in McDonald's (or another, more decent establishment), I experienced a similar experience. And, I tell you, this is wonderful!


    I think I have to mention many times that all the same, this will not work with everyone, it does not suit everyone, not everyone likes it. For me, this was a kind of revelation:
    1. I can do my job even in completely uncomfortable conditions, and do not feel any inconvenience.
    2. In such circumstances, I work more productively than in comfortable conditions.
    3. I find ways to accomplish many tasks faster and more efficiently.
    4. PROFIT !!!

    Try it,% username%, maybe you will like it.

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