Travel from Moscow to Petersburg

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We love to share news about the appearance of Yandex.Panoramas in new cities: for example, last week we added panoramas of the streets of Bryansk, Lipetsk, Orel and Saransk . But today we want to talk about a not-so-usual release for us - on Yandex.Maps, panoramas of the route between Moscow and St. Petersburg first appeared !

If you are planning a trip from one capital to another by car, you can prepare for it in advance with the help of Panoramas: for example, see which side of the road there is a gas station or what a cafe looks like in which you plan to eat. And you can just explore the places that you will meet along the way.

In addition, you can take Panoramas with you - just download the free Yandex.Maps mobile application for Android or iPhone .

By the way, Panoramas are also a great way to travel with the breeze. On the train, you will cover the distance from Moscow to St. Petersburg in about 8 hours, on the plane - in one and a half, and for how long the hero of our video will take you to see for yourself:

Team Yandex.Panorams,
Have a good trip on the New Year holidays!


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