Social Games: Finding Love in Mamba and LovePlanet

    Less than a month ago, with a difference of only two weeks, the two largest and most famous dating sites on RuNet Mamba and LovePlanet launched a new gaming service: games and applications that have social functions.

    The NextGame.RU project represents the interests of game developers on both portals and is ready to share first impressions and the results of our work with dating services.

    First look

    Mamba and LovePlanet took different paths when implementing the new service.

    Firstly, Mamba developed its own gaming platform with its own API, and LovePlanet used NextGame.RU as an integrator for the entire service as a whole.

    Secondly, Mamba introduced stringent requirements for applications: game mechanics should facilitate the acquaintance of users, and LovePlanet opens the doors to any applications if they have: dating functions, traffic generators, good monetization.

    Thirdly, Mamba launched the service immediately on all of its partner sites, LovePlanet - so far only on the main, "parent" site. Recall that both portals have a very extensive affiliate program.

    Pulse of love

    We published the application “Bottle - find your love ” on both portals and received the following data:
    Number of installations 31 40820 413
    Average DAU4,5003 800
    ARPPU186 rub206 rub

    The popularity of the application there and there is very high. The number of installations is approximately comparable, adjusted for the fact that the “Bottle” was launched earlier on the Mamba. And, despite the fact that the "Bottle" lost in the ranking of "Fast-growing applications", it still remains in the top of the most popular applications of Mamba. As part of LovePlanet "Bottle" - the most popular application.

    ARPPU (i.e. the average check of those users who paid) is also comparable. It is interesting that this indicator at the Bottle is significantly higher than the average ARPPU on Mamba among all applications - there are only 72 rubles (data provided by Mamba), and is very close to the average indicator of the NextGame.RU platform as a whole - 160 rubles.

    To give your heart to

    The first question of the developer is how easy it is to connect to the new gaming platform?
    The Mamba API is tailored for the integration of dating apps. Here and the use of standard search on the user base, and the publication of messages from applications in the user's personal diary. But in order to break into Mamba, the developer will have to sweat, changing his gameplay in accordance with the requirements of the portal.

    The NextGame.RU API, through which the developer connects to LovePlanet, does not yet have the ability to search by users and send messages to the user's diary (we will mention right away: there is a “post to wall” function in the NextGame.RU platform, it is not implemented specifically for LovePlanet) . However, the NextGame.RU API is constantly being improved and grows with new functions, so there will be a holiday soon on the Planet of Love. LovePlanet is set up to experiment with various types of games and applications. A bonus for the developer is that his game will be published not only on the LovePlanet portal, but also on 900 other web sites that are connected to the NextGame.RU platform

    The second question of the developer is how much will they pay me?

    Mamba Terms - 90% to the developer. LovePlanet conditions - 45%. All deductions after commissions to payment systems. Already licked? But not everything is so simple and “tasty” as it seems at first glance.
    There is a significant difference in the calculation of contributions to the developer. Mamba’s scheme is as follows: first, a percentage is paid to the site where the transaction took place, and the remaining amount is given to the developer. At the same time, at the time of payment it will not be clear how much will actually be transferred to the side of the developer - the scheme does not yet appear transparent. According to our data, deductions in reality range from 30% to 90% of the money that the user brought.

    By the way, from February 1, 2012, Mamba promises to change the developer’s payment system and make it more transparent and understandable. According to Mamba, deductions should grow by 30-40%.

    LovePlanet paid all NextGame.RU payments to the developers, so the developer always receives the standard 45% of each user transaction, regardless of where the transaction was made.

    I hope that in the near future we will be able to provide a more complete comparative description of other applications, as well as new dating sites, which will be published in January.

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