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We launched a special project - New Year's Yandex.Afish . She will tell you where to celebrate the New Year and spend holidays, what to do at home and what kind of entertainment awaits in the city. We have already collected and processed data on more than 7,500 events in the largest cities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. And this figure will increase.

Here are some holiday statistics, for example, about skating rinks. The leader in the number of rollers per person is Ufa. Perm in second place. The largest outdoor ice rink (in Europe!) Is located in Moscow - in Gorky Park. And in St. Petersburg this winter, night skiing is very popular; half of the city’s ice rinks await guests at night, and some only at night.

New Year's Yandex. Poster also knows about the New Year holidays for children. These are not only ordinary “Christmas trees” with sweet gifts. There are ice shows, lots of interactive and circus programs, and even magical excursions or balls in real palaces.

And for those who prefer to spend long winter evenings at home, we also prepared some useful things. Home-based users will find out on the project when and on which TV channels “Wizards”, “Irony of Fate”, blue lights, etc. will go. And those who are in Russia can also watch online films from the repertoire of the free cinema

And, of course, what New Year's Eve without a feast is New Year’s Yandex. Poster will tell you recipes for New Year’s dishes and cocktails. And to cook it was more fun, turn on a special festive playlist from Yandex.Music.

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