Pre-order PS Vita in Russia

    Good news! From December 25, 2011, Russia will open a pre-order for PS Vita, which can be issued before the start of console sales in late February - early March 2012. Having made an advance payment of 999 rubles. during the promotion period, users will be able to receive a guaranteed discount on PS Vita in the amount of the pre-order price, as well as a set including special offers for the purchase of games, exclusive content and accessories, until April 30, 2012. The cost of the PS Vita model, equipped with only a Wi-Fi module, will be 12,490 rubles, the price of a model with 3G and Wi-Fi support will be announced later.

    Users who pre-order any PS Vita model will receive:
    • Right of pre-emptive purchase of a console with a discount of 999 rubles.
    • Branded PlayStation headphones in blue.
    • The right of early access to the application Frobisher Says !, which will allow you to experience all the revolutionary features of PS Vita in a series of unusual mini-games - alone or with friends.
    • Voucher for a discount of 170 rubles. on the PlayStation Store for one of the following games, Little Deviants, Super Star Dust Delta, Hustle Kings, or Escape Plan, each of which reveals PSVita’s unique features in a new way.
    • A set of virtual items from the PS Vita series for the PlayStation Home service: a T-shirt, headphones, digital glasses, sneakers and a bag.
    • Exclusive PS VITA avatar for the PlayStation Network.
    You can pre-order PS Vita and get an exclusive package in a number of M.Video, White Digital Wind, Time to Play, GAMEZONE, GamePark, Kay, 1C Interest, Republic of Games, Sony stores Center and the Sony online store (
    Sergey Klisho, General Manager of the PlayStation in Russia and the CIS:
    “The New Year is approaching, and we want to make a special gift to Russian users - the opportunity to pre-order for PS Vita! Prepayment of only 999 rubles. will allow one of the first to enjoy the unsurpassed gaming capabilities of the new console. And free additional materials, accessories and discounts on games will make acquaintance with PS Vita as rich and enjoyable as possible. ”

    A full list of addresses of stores participating in the pre-order is given in a post on the Sony website .
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