What is good to ride in Moscow?

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Yandex examined the transport infrastructure of Moscow and found out where cars are faster than public transport, and where vice versa.

In two months we built 600 thousand routes: automobile and public transport, to the city center and back, morning and evening. When calculating the service, traffic jams were taken into account, and for public transport there was also time for transfers and waiting at stops. We found out in which areas it is better to use public transport, and from which it is faster to travel by car. It turned out that the latter still remained in the capital.

For motorists, the southwest of Moscow is more convenient - between Leninsky and Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Especially Michurinsky Prospekt - one of the freest in Moscow, while being removed from all metro stations. But in the Novogireevo area, motorists greatly lose to subway passengers.

Read all the details in our study .

But this hypnotic picture shows how the situation changes during the day. Red is faster for cars, blue is better to choose public transport.

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