Moscow Rescue Service will not reach adulthood?

    About a month ago , a message appeared on the forum of the Moscow Rescue Service (hereinafter referred to as the MCC) stating that the work of the MCC information center ends on December 1, 2011.

    This means that the MTS 112 channel, the MGTS telephone 937-99-11, channels 0911, and also, probably, “9” and “19” radio channels cease to work.

    It should be noted that in the history of the MCC this is not the first time that its employees are given notice of dismissal. A similar case was in March 2009. However, then the service was lucky.

    This time, according to employees, the situation is much more critical.

    What is MSS can be found on the official website of the service.

    On the closure of the MSS on the radio City-FM.

    Below I quote an open letter from MCC operators:

    An open letter from the emergency call center staff of the Moscow Rescue Service to residents and employees of operational services in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

    On Friday, October 28, the Director General of the Moscow Rescue Service informed employees that by the end of 2011, the Emergency Call Reception Center is completing its work. MTS 112 channel, MGTS telephone 937-99-11, channels 0911 - unified channels for calling all operational, emergency rescue and other emergency services cease their work. The Rescue Service has no prospects, the operators were invited to take care of their future and find a new job.
    For 16 years, the operators of the Moscow Rescue Service have received calls from Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region, and often from other regions. These were calls from those who needed help, from those who, having found themselves in a difficult situation, did not know who to turn to, from those who simply wanted to share their grief.
    We, the operators of the Moscow Rescue Service, consider it a happiness and a great success in life that we were able to carry out this work. We feel proud of the results of our labors. Yes, everything was not always smooth, each of us failed. But always the mistake of an individual operator was perceived by the collective as a common one. We are a strong, friendly, professional team. And each of us has a sympathetic heart. Mercy and compassion are not just words for us. Now we can already say that our colleagues lost consciousness in their workplaces from emotional overload and moral stress. No, we are not complaining. Just at the moment when you hear the cry of the mother, on whose hands the child is dying, you have to call for help all your composure in order to "pull out" the address from the mother’s lips.
    “ADDRESS” is a treasured word. The most important word. There will be no address - help will not come. This is the uniqueness of the work of the operator of any emergency service - as soon as the operator accepted the call and introduced himself, the organization of rescue operations begins. Our work is invisible, but the fact remains: the faster the information is received, the faster it will be transferred to the services. And the more accurate the address, the faster help will come. Seconds decide a lot. Often that's all.
    Carefully, from hand to hand, we pass on information to those who travel to places - strong and courageous, fearless and noble: rescuers, emergency medical personnel, police, traffic police departments - to all those who save their lives with their own hands, ensure law and order, and prevent negative development of events. THANKS YOU!
    Thanks to Service 02! Our experience of working with dispatchers 02 is fruitful and exceptional.
    Thanks to Remote 03! We know that you affectionately call us “save” for our eyes.
    Many thanks to the police and traffic police departments. On your shoulders lies a prohibitive responsibility - to arrive on time, find, correct the address, meet, provide travel rescue services.
    We express our gratitude to Service 01 - beautiful people work there. Beautiful soul and attitude.
    ZUKS! We always felt support from you.
    We know what wonderful people work as dispatchers of municipal services of the city, services that ensure the vital activity of a huge metropolis. Responsiveness and understanding are always heard in your voice.
    We will keep special memories of employees of all operational services in the Moscow Region! How many people were found and saved with your help, we only know.
    Emergency Medical Center, Territorial Center for Disaster Medicine! Let me express admiration for your professionalism! Thanks you!
    We often recall our rescuers, whom we still call “mountaineers - mountaineers” among themselves. GOR - rapid response team. And although we rarely meet in recent years, each of us carefully preserves the warmest memories of our joint work with you.
    Sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the management of the Yauzsky Gates holding for many years of financing the Moscow Rescue Service project. A project that saved the lives of many thousands of people.
    We are grateful to the management of MTS, which, the only one of all mobile communication operators, supported our Service and paid bills for processing calls on line 112.
    We are also grateful to the management of VimpelCom, Megafon, Skylink for many years of fruitful cooperation.
    We wish health, happiness and prosperity to everyone with whom we somehow came into contact in our work.
    Knowing the deplorable situation of our Service, knowing that everything is nearing completion, we want to assure Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region that the operators of the Emergency Call Center will conscientiously carry out their work as long as possible.

    With great respect and gratitude, the
    Operators and the staff of the Emergency Call Reception Center of the Moscow Rescue Service.

    PS Dear Muscovites and guests of the capital! Please take care of yourself when traveling out of town. Specify in advance the phones of the local ambulance, police, rescue and communal services - after all, in the near future we will not be able to help you.

    And the last request! Who can! Help put our latest appeal on the pages of the media. SOS!

    PS: For me, MSS has always been a guarantee of road safety. It is enough to drive through the city once with a “roof antenna” to understand the full scope and importance of the project.

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