Imagine Cup Student Camp - December 3 in Moscow

    We understand that closer to the New Year, thoughts about the session begin to take the main place in the student’s head, but nevertheless we want to invite you to take part in our next Saturday event - Imagine Cup Student Camp . This event is for those who:

    • Already participated in the largest student competition Imagine Cup and wants to improve their success this year
    • I heard about the Imagine Cup, but did not participate, because I could not come up with an idea, find a team, etc.
    • I’ve never heard of the Imagine Cup, but wants to learn how to get the most valuable knowledge and experience in creating software projects, an interesting line in the resume, and also how to go to Australia in the summer of 2012.
    • Wants to learn how to program a Kinect controller or Windows Phone 7.

    Come on Saturday, December 3, 2011, at 11:00 to our office in Krylatskoye - it will be interesting! If possible, bring laptops with you. Highlights of the event:

    • A short story about the Imagine Cup and many secrets of victory from the Oricrafter team (1st place in Russia in 2010), from the judge of the international finals Andrei Ustyuzhanin and others.
    • Technological training - in particular, we will teach you how to program the Kinect sensor so that you can create gesture-driven applications. We will also share some secrets of successful presentations that will be useful to you in order to win.
    • Acquaintance, brainstorming and many interesting exercises, during which it will be fun, and teams will be formed for the competition
    • An evening competition of created projects in which we will evaluate what you could do in a day (according to three criteria: the quality of the idea, the created prototype, the art of presentation).

    Starting from 10:30 from metro Krylatskoye (exit from the 1st car from the center, 2 times to the right) buses will go to the office, where you can enjoy a welcome coffee and start chatting. The event itself will begin at 11:00, end - at about 18:00. A pleasant surprise will be received by participants from that university, from where the most participants will be typed! So invite your friends and come yourself - spend another day off to good use!

    To participate in the event is recommended to register .

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