Habravstreet in St. Petersburg

    At last. Next Wednesday, November 30, the First St. Petersburg Hub meeting will take place. Details, organizational issues and other announcements under the cut.

    photo from panoramio.com

    The meeting will be held on November 30 at 20:00 , but the place has not yet been determined. In this regard,

    1. I ask St. Petersburg to write their suggestions where to meet, in a comment or by mail egorkotkin@gmail.com. The requirements for the place are as follows: a decent quiet institution such as a cafe, somewhere in the center or on Vaska, a table for 15 people or the ability to move several tables, a corner of the hall or a separate office. Such, in general, so that you can talk without raising your voice and eat deliciously (preferably :)

    2.everyone who is going to be write your emails in a personal email or egorkotkin@gmail.com. This is necessary, firstly, so that I know approximately how many people book seats, and secondly, to notify everyone about the meeting place. Or follow the announcements on this blog, on LJ or on Twitter using the hashtag #habraparty .

    Other announcements

    On December 1, the seminar " Practical Email Marketing: Increasing Sales " will be held , organized by Unisender , whose blog I conduct on Habré.

    On December 6, at 8 p.m., a webinar will be held at St. Petersburg State University dedicated to the exchange of experience between domestic business incubators. Participants in the webinar: from the Moscow side - representatives of the Science Park of Moscow State University (members of the delegation to the Mass Challenge ), from the St. Petersburg side - the leadership of the Ingria technology park . A more detailed announcement will be next week.

    And, finally, today - traditional habra-gatherings in a new place - in the Transit cafe in Gostiny Dvor(Moscow). As always, at eight. See you!

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