Updating car routing in Russia on Yandex.Maps

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At the end of September, Yandex.Maps made it possible to build routes taking into account traffic jams throughout Russia. Today, the forces of our cartographic division released the first update of the service .

In total, we corrected 1,180 errors - incorrectly forbidden and permitted turns, as well as incorrectly marked one-way streets. More than 700 changes were made in St. Petersburg, 60 corrections were made in Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg, inaccuracies in Yaroslavl, Krasnodar, Kursk and other cities were corrected.

A great contribution to improving the service was made by our users who send feedback through the feedback form.. Thank you very much! We are waiting for new feedback and messages from you. By the way, it is now possible to report an error when constructing a route not only on the web version of Yandex.Maps, but also in a mobile application on the Android platform , which is convenient if you want to leave a review while on the go.

To improve the quality of service, we use not only your feedback, but also specially developed error detection algorithms. Using the Yandex.Maps mobile application, motorists anonymously transmit to us data on their coordinates and movement paths ( GPS tracks) In the auto-detection program, the received tracks are superimposed in a layer on the current version of the road graph. The detector automatically detects all cases of discrepancy between GPS tracks and the graph, for example, such sections of the road network where maneuver is incorrectly prohibited or allowed. We check each discrepancy manually using additional sources, for example, Street panoramas and satellite images.

One example of the auto-detector operation is a corrected left turn from Staro-Petergofsky Avenue to the embankment of the Fontanka River in St. Petersburg. In a previous version of the graph, this rotation was incorrectly allowed. The autodetector analyzed 17,000 tracks handed over to us by motorists driving along Staro-Petergofsky Avenue in the direction of Fontanka. Only 44 of them turned to the embankment to the left. It is easy to guess that most likely these 44 turns were a violation of the rules. This suspicious maneuver was recorded by the auto-detector and subsequently corrected:

We continue to work to improve the quality of the routing service, so updates will be made regularly.

Team Yandex.Maps and Traffic,
Strive for excellence

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