We invite you to a series of Windows Phone 7 Student Camps in different cities of Russia

    Over the past month, we have already conducted several Windows Phone 7 Student Camp . At such events, students gather who want to learn how to create applications for Windows Phone 7, where they join teams in one day, come up with an idea and create real applications. Now we are ready to scale this highly successful activity at once to several cities of Russia.

    We invite all interested students to visit the Windows 7 Student Camps in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Tomsk and Moscow:
    To participate in the events it is recommended to register. For more information, see the links above. At each of the events you can:
    • Listen to introductory reports on how programs are written for the phone. Programming skills in languages ​​like C # or Java will be useful, but other prior knowledge about programming the phone is not required.
    • To come up with the idea of ​​the application , find like-minded people in the team and develop a prototype of the application - with the help of Microsoft experts who can prompt and answer many questions.
    • Register for free on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and place a preliminary version of your application there.
    • Understand how you can make better money from distributing your application in the future .
    • Learn how to enter the Imagine Cup student contest and the Windows Phone 7 app contest.
    • Ask questions about development for Windows Phone, if you have already tried to do this.
    In addition, you can meet active students from different universities and have a good time in the company of people interested in technology.

    To get the most out of an event, you must:
    • Register in advance . When registering, be sure to indicate the name, surname, place of study. The absence of this data may cause registration denial - as the event is intended for students.
    • To tell your friends about the event and bring them with you - it will be much more fun and productive to work together
    • Come to the event with a laptop to do the development right on it! If possible, install Windows Phone Developer Tools on your laptop in advance.
    • Make sure that you are registered at DreamSpark and register for free at the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace . This can be done on the spot (including getting the code for DreamSpark), but it is better to do this in advance so as not to waste time at the event.
    • To come up with several ideas for useful applications for the mobile platform that you can work on at the event. But even if you don’t have interesting ideas, come anyway, because in the course of communication ideas are usually born by yourself.
    See you soon at Student Camps!

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