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Today , new satellite images with a total area of ​​370,000 square kilometers have appeared on Yandex.Maps . Now in Russia, the area of ​​detailed satellite coverage is 813,000 square kilometers, which covers 777 cities.

The pictures added 152 cities, for example Novomoskovsk , Syzran , Neryungri , Beloretsk . Their complete list can be seen on the Release Map . Now on Yandex.Maps there are detailed pictures of all cities in the Altai Territory , Sakhalin , Amur , Irkutsk , Kemerovo Regions.

Also in the pictures you can look at the federal highway M56 "Lena", which originates from Tynda and goes to the Kolyma highway leading directly to Magadan .

We monitor the relevance of images and periodically upload updates to Yandex.Maps. So, in the current release we updated satellite images of Novosibirsk , Samara , Kazan , Saratov and Volgograd .

We want to share interesting places with you:

Barentsburg on Spitsbergen - the northernmost Russian village of Kizhi - the famous open-air museum of wooden architecture Manor Mikhailovsky

  in the Pushkin Museum-Reserve The ancient fortress in Porkhov (Pskov region) Syzran Kremlin with preserved monuments of the late 17th - early 18th centuries Yandex.Mart team, expanding geography!


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