Foreign interns at Moscow startups - is it interesting?

    Work in a project involved in attracting young foreign specialists to Moscow startups involves constant communication with the leaders of Russian companies and representatives of business incubators. Many of them often ask us: why all this? Frankly, I myself am asking myself the same question. What can a foreign intern of a young company give, besides additional worries and expenses? As my previous post in Q&A on the habr showed (, many see in the employee only a specialist, and where he comes from does not matter. On the other hand, the co-founder of one business incubator asked a similar question (, and this caused a rather lively discussion. In this post I want to tell my prevailing vision of why startups need a young foreign specialist,

    1. Other education

    The education of Moscow, London, New York, Beijing, New Delhi is different. Point. Without holivars and other things, it’s clear that somewhere they teach something with other approaches, methods and practical exercises. The difference in education should contribute to the work of the team: a fresh look at the problem, new ways to solve the tasks set. To this we can add the fact that many specialties that have long been mastered and spread among foreign students came to Russia a little later, so that the foreign the trainee in this regard is more savvy and experienced.

    2. Another mentality

    Chinese is different from Russian or Indian. It seems obvious, isn't it? This is manifested, first of all, in relation to work, to set goals and objectives, to your team and leadership. In this regard, I believe that team members will be interested in adopting some positive features of a different culture.

    3. Language

    In this case, many may be afraid of the language barrier, which, quite possibly, will arise. But for a startup, even focused on the domestic market, it is useful to know the same English. If the startup is international, then other languages ​​will also not hurt. In this case, a foreigner with his presence on the team will be able to give that necessary and effective language practice to the project members, which is so important for learning and improving the language.

    4. Foreign markets

    Every startup wants to enter the international market, isn't it? A foreign specialist will talk about the specifics of the market of his country, and also can share his already established business contacts.

    5. Experience in an international team

    If you are going to bring your startup to the international level, then your team would be happy to have the practice of working in an international team. Such experience will solve further the problems of communication, respect for other cultures and moral values ​​(I do not want to use the fashionable word “tolerance”, I emphasize the word “respect”), and increase the stress resistance of the team.

    6. High motivation

    Sometimes an intern himself pays money for the opportunity to work in a foreign company, from which it follows that his main goal is not to earn more money, but to gain experience, and international experience. A person’s desire to improve can often be a strong motivation in order to fulfill their duties efficiently and work not for the sake of the “Golden Mountains”, but to achieve their goals and objectives.

    In my opinion, this is the main positive aspects of international cooperation. I really look forward to your comments on this issue. Adequate criticism of my arguments is welcome.

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