What did Yandex.Maps find in the People’s Card?

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Today Yandex.Maps learned to find objects drawn by users on the People’s Map . Now you can find a playground in Zelenograd , a monument to the Invisible Man in Yekaterinburg , the Meat Gate in Tula and even a squirrel feeder in Izmailovo :

People’s map data will help you find sights, parks, fountains, sports fields and other truly popular objects.

In addition, now, if you find an error (for example, the wrong name of the object), you can fix it yourself. It is enough to follow the link from the information about the object to the People’s Card and, having authorized on the service, make the necessary corrections.

People’s card is a service due to which any user can become an amateur cartographer. With a set of simple tools, you can draw a street, a house, a favorite vacation spot and much more. The result is a detailed and current map, the data from which is now available to all Yandex.Mart users.

Team Yandex.Maps and People’s cards,
Together found more


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