Russian with a smartphone: 121 MB of traffic per month, 3 paid applications

    J'son & Partners Consulting, commissioned by Google, conducted a study of mobile Internet in Russia and found out how many active mobile Internet users there are in the country, from which devices and how often they access the Network.

    The study showed that the mobile web is growing at a rapid pace in the Russian Federation. Now 39 million Russians are already sitting there, and by the end of the year there will be 43 million. By the end of this year, the total mobile traffic in Russia will exceed 25 petabytes.

    61% of smartphone users are men, usually between 18 and 34 years old (68%), with higher education (60%). There are no surprises on the devices. The market is equally divided between Android and Symbian, and at the end of 2011 in Russia sales of smartphones based on Android platform for the first time will exceed sales of devices with OS Symbian.

    For many Russians, it was Android that became the first smartphone in life.

    In general, iOS users are noticeably younger than Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian users. Judging by the study, people over 55 do not use iOS at all.

    According to forecasts, traffic from mobile devices will double annually over the next few years. According to the results of the first half. In 2011, the average traffic per smartphone user was 121 MB per month (in Moscow - 166 MB per month). Now 75% of mobile traffic is generated by smartphones, but in the future the proportion may change due to the proliferation of tablets. Tablets are still a wonder, they are sold ten times less than smartphones.

    Over the past three years, the average cost of a smartphone in Russia has decreased by 33% and amounted to 331 US dollars.

    The “average” smartphone has become twice as fast and three times smarter.

    Over the same period, the number of application downloads from application stores has increased almost tenfold. At the end of the first half of 2011, on average, the user had 15 installed applications, of which over the past 30 days he used 6. The share of paid applications amounted to 20% of the total number of installed programs.

    At the same time, in the application stores, most of the software was paid. The average cost of one application is $ 3.62.

    Smartphone sales in Russia in 2011 are projected to double (from 3.9 million units in 2010 to 8.6 million units), and by 2013, sales may reach about 15 million devices per year, although in such long-term forecasts the numbers are clearly written with a pitchfork on the water.

    Every day, 32% of smartphone owners use mobile Internet in Russia.

    What is especially pleasant for the customer of the Google study, 40% of users use smartphones daily to search the Internet, and 90% of users pay attention to advertising on the Internet. 28% of users watch online video on smartphones at least once a week, for PC users the same figure is 85%. A fifth of all smartphone owners used them to obtain information about products when making purchases. 23% of respondents said that they had already made purchases using a smartphone, and about half of them made a purchase using a smartphone in the last month.

    When asked about the reason for using a smartphone, users called the following: 1) pass the time; 2) Internet access in the absence of other methods; 3) the
    need to urgently receive the necessary information. Of the most popular answers, you can guess what the most popular sites for Russians surfing from smartphones. Of course, these are social networks: 52% of users use their smartphones at least once a week to access social networks.

    Among the other most popular purposes of using mobile Internet on smartphones, respondents indicated reading email, listening to music, and browsing websites.

    In 2011, the total data traffic from mobile devices in Russia will be over 25 PB and will double
    every year in the next few years .

    The number of subscribers, mlnAverage traffic per user, MBTotal traffic per month, TB
    3G tablets0.325075
    USB modems10.31,43014,729
    Mobile phones27,214381

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