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Today we released an application that will help you quickly find and order a taxi. It is called Yandex.Taxi. The application runs on the platforms iPhone and Android. The service is launched in beta and so far only calls a taxi in Moscow.


The most important thing that the application can do is find the nearest taxi. Let's say you stayed with friends in a cafe. The time is later, and you want to order a taxi, but either you can’t get through, or they can deliver the car only after an hour. We have to go on the road and vote. Everything can be different with Yandex.Taxi - an order is sent, bypassing the dispatcher, directly to drivers who are already nearby. And after one of them agrees to take your order, you see its movement on the map and get information about the car.


Using Yandex.Taxi, you can also order a taxi in advance in one of the taxi fleets working with us. For example, on the morning of the next day.
Now we are cooperating with eleven large taxi fleets in Moscow, that is, there are plenty to choose from.
If suddenly you need a taxi not in Moscow, but, for example, in Minsk, Kiev or Voronezh, the application will also be useful. The application database contains taxi services phones of three hundred cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan

We offer to see an overview of the application - for iPhone:

You can watch the video review for the Android platform here .

You can download the application in the App Store and in the Android Market , as well as using the QR code:


From the whole Yandex.Taxi team, we wish you a good trip!


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