HackDay after 4 days in Moscow

    October 22-23 in Moscow, Digital October will host HackDay with support from Microsoft. We invite programmers, managers, designers and marketers. In two days you will have the opportunity to assemble a team and make a product prototype, take a short business training course, listen to successful startups, and present your project to a circle of venture capital funds and business accelerators at the demo festival.
    Invited startups , HipClub, Ostrovok, Cloudmach will tell about their experience in launching a project and receiving investments.
    Microsoft experts will hold training sessions on turning your idea into a promising business, and also talk about the capabilities of their technologies in startups. We will pay special attention to Windows Phone.
    Our prizes:$ 1000, a certificate for training in Start in Garage, a prize from the Farminers accelerator, free publication on the Windows Phone Marketplace and all sorts of little things like a netbook, etc.
    Accelerators will be present at the demo festival: Farminers, TexDrive, IFMO Venture Fund, organizers of project selection for the Plug incubator and play. As well as the Microsoft Seed Fund, SBAR, Foresight Ventures, iTech Capital and Private Capital.

    And most importantly - you will have an unforgettable weekend, cool music, coffee and cookies!
    Detailed program, description, registration.

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