Version 1.5.5 released

    Python 2.7, increased limits, Cloud SQL Preview, Google Storage for Developers, Premier Accounts

    Major changes:
    • Premier Accounts. $ 500 (excluding other expenses) per month for improved support (relevant for serious projects).
    • There was an opportunity (experimental) to use Python 2.7 in applications running with High Replication Datastore. (To activate, use runtime: python27 in app.yaml). New in Python 2.7
    • The maximum number of application files has been increased to 10,000.
    • Maximum upload file size increased to 32MB.
    • Frontend request execution time increased to 60 seconds.
    • URLFetch limits increased (runtime up to 60 seconds, maximum POST request size up to 5MB).
    • Cross Group (XG) transaction support for High Replication Datastore has appeared. More details
    • There was an opportunity (experimental) to work with Google Storage for Developers from the App Engine. More details
    • The Prediction API has become part of the platform .
    • A chart has appeared in the admin console for monitoring paid instances.
    • Some API changes
    • Bugfixes
    • Test programs for Cloud SQL Preview, Full-text Search, Conversion API announced

    Change Lists:

    Source: Google App Engine Blog

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