iOS vs WP7 October 18 in St. Petersburg

    imageLess than a week is left until the next monthly iOS developer conference - Apple Developers Community . A preliminary announcement can be read here , and in this post there will be a story about the main protagonists of the meeting - speakers.

    Definitely worth starting with Vadim Bashurov . If someone may not know his name, then the Papabubadiop login on Habré should be familiar to every iOS developer. In addition to the fact that Vadim writes wonderful games for the iPhone, his portfolio includes, for example, “Field of Miracles”. Yes, that same legendary game of our childhood with the heroes of Winnie the Pooh and the Sneakers.


    In relation to Vadim, the phrase “Talented person is talented in everything” is perfect - now he is successfully earning money from developing games for iOs and has many interesting cases in his arsenal. At the meeting, he will make a presentation “How to bite a million from an apple” , in which he will talk about his experience of making money in the App Store.

    Grigory Buteyko , an expert in the field of application development for mobile devices at DataArt, will not be the first time to speak at ADCSpb. Already three times he pleased the public with his interesting technical reports on iOs development. Recall two of them:

    This time, Gregory will talk about interesting features of Mac OS Lion.

    imageNext is Vyacheslav Karpenko - the head of Unreal Mojo . RosYama, Sberbank Onl @ yn, Alfa-Bank - this is only the beginning of a long list of company projects. In personal communication, Vyacheslav captivates with his openness and friendliness, always answers the question and helps in solving problems.

    At the meeting, he will talk about the fight against piracy on the App Store. Timur Garifzyanov from e-Legion

    will be the first to talk about a completely fresh Windows Phone 7. Timur has been engaged in programming for 4 years, he wrote highly loaded exchange systems and systems for banks. At the moment, he has been researching the mobile platform platform WP7 for half a year.

    The title of the report Timur speaks for itself "Subjective view of the developer on WP7."


    The last on the list is Vladimir Kolesnikov from Microsoft, and it’s not difficult to guess what he will talk about. First-hand, guests will learn about the basic things necessary for developing applications for WP7.

    Such interesting personalities will gather in St. Petersburg at Apple Developers Community # 9 . We remind you that you can attend the event for free, you just need to register .

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