Dart Language Tech-Talk at Google Moscow

    Google Russia and the Google Developer Relations are honored to offer our GTUG Moscow group exclusive participation in the Tech-Talk on the Dart language this Friday , October 14 at 19 o’clock in the Moscow office of Google.

    Tech-Talk : DART, From quick prototypes to serious apps.
    Speaker : Dan Grove, Engineering Manager, Google Inc.
    Date and time : Friday, October 14, at 19:00.
    Location : Google Moscow Office (7 Baltschug St.).

    By invitation only : To register for the event, you must be a member of the GTUG group bit.ly/mosgtug and fill out the form here: bit.ly/dartmskreg. Hurry up because we can only invite 80 people (randomly selected from all GTUG'ers who have registered for this event).

    Food : In addition to satisfying intellectual hunger, you can also satisfy the physical - Google traditionally feed its guests. Also, meals will be provided for your little friends (sockets for gadgets and laptops).

    List of invited guests : For catering and access control, registration will be closed at 12:00 on Friday. Notifications that you are invited will be sent out at 14:00 the same day. Therefore, make sure that you can check the mailbox indicated on the questionnaire at this time.

    Dart is a programming language created by Google.Dart is positioned as a replacement / alternative to Javascript, which suffers from “fundamental” flaws that cannot be fixed by evolutionary development.
    The first publicly available information about this programming language appeared on September 12, 2011 at the Goto Developer Conference. An official presentation of the Google Dart language was held on October 10, 2011.
    Tasks set for language developers:
    • Create a structured and at the same time flexible language for web programming
    • Make language similar to existing ones to simplify learning
    • High performance of the received programs both in browsers and in other environments, from smartphones to servers.

    Currently, there are two ways to execute Dart programs: using a virtual machine or broadcasting in javascript.

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