Moscow government reveals data

    The Moscow government has decided to help entrepreneurs whose business has a social dimension (and indeed everyone else). Based on the results of discussions and conversations with the leaders of various Internet projects and their own research, it was decided to provide support in the form of providing access to various data held by the city administration.

    Below is the first attempt to disclose city data to developers. This is a register of registered taxis, from which in machine-readable form you can get information about the fleet of cars (make, year, number) and legal carriers.



    XSD with the description of the elements:
    Only to get a description, it uses the same objects as the main service.

    It was decided to start the disclosure of information from the taxi registry due to the great public interest in this topic and the emergence of a significant number of start-ups in this area (including the project that I am presenting ).

    Information is updated in a timely manner. The service will be officially presented today at a meeting of entrepreneurs with the Minister of Government of Moscow, the head of the department of information technology, Artem Valeryevich Ermolaev. The event will be held at the Yandex office.

    In the comments to this post, you can ask questions that, if they wish, the meeting participants will redirect the minister to the extent possible.

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