Yandex begins the fight with re-optimized texts

    Yandex has officially announced the start of the fight against over-optimized texts:

    Next week, a new search algorithm will begin to work, affecting the ranking of pages containing overly optimized texts. This algorithm analyzes the content on indexed pages and evaluates whether it is useful and convenient for site visitors. If the algorithm determines that the content is designed to influence the search engine and increase relevance, the position of this document in the SERP may deteriorate. The algorithm checks all pages that the robot crawls, so when the problem is fixed and the site page is reindexed, the site’s position will be restored. However, this will take some time (up to 2-3 weeks).

    The news is more positive than not. Surely, of course, there will be some kind of false positives - especially at first. But I really want to see content on the Internet for people, not for robots.

    I hope that soon the questions: “How many SEO-optimizers do you need to turn on a bulb of an incandescent lamp, lighting installation?” - will remain in the past.

    And, yes - those seoshniks who still use such tricks should burn matches with the ignition fluid; fire fighting systems are not expensive around the clock in hell.

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