Competition "Transformation". Prize - Asus Transformer

    imageMost recently, we published a review of ASUS Transformer and judging by the comments, many were interested in it. We decided to meet and make a competition in which prizes are Asus Transformer tablets with different configurations.

    Simplicity, motivation, space for creativity. In an effort to enrich a rich creative set of competitions for any part of the brain, in September the laboratory of in-space experiments TRENDCLUB invites you, natural scientists of the future, to a competition where non-Euclidean geometry, fantasy and iron logic can coexist.

    This is a competition of Transformations and it is dedicated to entering the ASUS tablet on the Russian market.

    A feature of Transformer is a plug-in keyboard dock that turns a tablet into a full-fledged netbook. A nice feature of “2in1” is able to change our ideas about computer technology.

    On the promo page, we have developed the concept of Transformer and we suggest that you choose the devices that you would like to combine into one. Transfomers are undoubtedly the form factor of the future. The time has come to come up with all the possible combinations now.

    To participate in the contest, send photos of two things (or one photo with an image of both things at once) that you would like to combine. Tell us about the new resulting device with all its incredible capabilities and features.

    Your imagination is limited only by your own imagination. This is the first Trendclub contest where you can show not only the knowledge of the alphabet and the ability to use the camera. We welcome the creative approach, unusual solutions and other stuff in the field of creative styling: you can use scotch tape to visualize things or create something new using carpentry or locksmith tools.

    We took into account your wishes for the criteria for evaluating the work. In addition to the usual “likes” - hearts clicked by friends and acquaintances of participants on the work page, an assessment of creativity will be an important parameter for selecting winners.

    This approach will allow you to choose the best of the best. The rating increase, if someone has such a desire, leads only to the legal holocaust - we will remove the work and ban the author forever on the Internet.

    The authors of the three best works will receive ASUS Eee Pad Transformer of various modifications. Top configuration, of course, for first place.


    Dates : works are accepted until September 30 inclusive. Results will be announced on October 10th.

    On the promo site you can also get more detailed information about all the advantages of ASUSEeePadTransformer, “twist” a 3D photo and watch a video demonstrating the capabilities of the computer.

    Good luck

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