Screening for a second startup sauna will be held in 5 cities of Russia

    The 2nd Startup Sauna is drawing near . It’s hard for our person to understand, but Finns can do almost everything in a sauna, including startups :)

    Startup Sauna is a six-week training for startups conducted by Aalto Venture Garage in Helsinki for the second time. The first event took place about half a year ago.

    What gives this event:
    • practice of project presentation, and even in English
    • dating startups from europe
    • opinion of European experts
    • the opportunity to intensively work on the project without being distracted by household chores
    • meetings with European investors
    • the opportunity to go on an internship in the valley
    • just had a great time

    Separately, I want to note that the possibility of obtaining investment after the program is more than real. I personally know the participant of the 1st sauna, who received 200 thousand euros immediately after the end of the program. This is despite the fact that the idea was redesigned right during the program.

    The organizers have high hopes for Russia, so this time the selection will take place immediately in 5 cities. Kazan (September 18), Yekaterinburg (September 20) and Novosibirsk (September 22) were added to Petersburg and Moscow.

    The report on the previous selection in St. Petersburg is on Habr . Good luck to everyone who will participate!

    PS If you have questions - write in the comments - I will try to answer or find out from the organizers.

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