Successfully implemented bearded idea.

    I live in a small town near Penza. I love my city and have long wanted to create something that can benefit the residents of the city. The population is about 60,000 people. The city is closed.

    At different points in time, these were the ideas of the city portal of organizations, a map (plan-scheme), and something else. As a result, they were temporarily postponed due to timeliness and high initial costs.

    When I returned to thinking over the city project, I began by walking around the whole city, noting to myself what was missing in the town.


    I found dozens of solutions that would be useful and at the same time could be profitable. For example, a single poster for events in the city, a small cinema, waste recycling, a project to save energy at enterprises or billboards in the courtyards. But most of these ideas require tangible investments and an army of people to support up to date.

    The most obvious was the organization of a portal of announcements, convenient and covering most of the city’s audience.

    I note: there is not a single website with a sufficiently large traffic in the city. Why not occupy this niche? Judging by the fact that all the pillars in the city are drowning in the flow of ads, and the same people are often published in the newspapers from month to month, this is really true.

    If such projects seem boring to someone, I assure you that there are interesting points in any business. And gaining experience in developing a seemingly obvious project is very interesting. By the way, in any very innovative business there are a lot of boring moments.

    For example, we began to know more about things exciting the residents of the city. And we get constant feedback. And this is the most expensive.


    I found only 2 sites with significant traffic, on which this section is present.

    Attendance of one of them - the local website of the television company - on average, about 200 people a day, the second - of the city newspaper - about 400 - with only 55% of the Penza region. This despite the fact that sites have existed for more than 3 years.

    Undoubtedly, this is extremely small. As already mentioned, the population of Zarechny is about 60,000 people. Not a little. Almost every family has Internet access. Circulation of newspapers - 9,000 - 24,000. Issued once a week. About 150 ads each, but the bulk of the information is news.

    Who is interested in the news of a small town? But everyone at least once advertised in a newspaper!

    I turned to statistics. More than 20,000 searches in Penza and the area with the name of the city. And this is only in Yandex, but there is also Google, About 5,500 people over 18 years of age VKontakte. And there are also classmates. On the whole, everything is not as sad as it seemed at the beginning.

    Good message boards are distinguished by strict moderation, excellent functionality and the presence of a whole support team. Surprisingly, there are similar projects with a really high-quality audience.

    In Penza, this is the site .

    About 400,000 people live in Penza; Bazar has 20,000 visitors per day. In principle, the most visited project of the city.

    If we assume that the situation in my Zarechny will be similar, then the limit of dreams is about 3,000 visitors per day.

    The creators of Bazar are my good colleagues. By the way, one of them is Sergey , a habrayuzer. And they agreed to provide technical equipment and any assistance in developing a semblance of a “franchise”.


    So there was .

    The site is there, but it is empty. How to get people to post ads?
    Filled manually from the newspapers of the city. At the same time, they called back to people who published their proposals and reported that the announcement was posted on the site.

    As a result, every week the site was replenished with those same 150 newspaper ads. Now, after 3 months, this is no longer necessary.


    There is content. Where to get visitors from?
    For a site to become popular in the city, you need to get used to it. To do this, he must always be in sight.

    On the Internet, as you remember, there are no purely urban platforms for advertising.

    What was used:
    • outdoor dining
    • In contact with
    • Classmates
    • Yandex.Direct
    • search engines
    • Zarechny and Penza forums
    • newspaper articles in the city
    • small conference in the city
    • radio advertising

    The site has existed since May 2011. During this time, we have invested about 70,000 rubles in advertising. Only 10,000 have earned so far.

    This is normal. We do not even attract advertisers. Earnings are the activity of visitors themselves.

    So far, about 200 visitors visit the site . Now 10-20 ads are being added per day (this is 100 - 120 ads per week, and as you remember, in weekly newspapers - only 150).

    Our main task now is to gain an audience and regular visitors. It’s nice that there is a feedback in the form of a reaction to our advertising and “thanks” to those who sold the apartment, bought a car ... In general, I solved my problem.


    Each visitor on average views at least 10 pages of the site.

    On average, the cost of 1,000 banner impressions costs about 30 rubles. There are 9. Placements of banners on the portal.

    In addition to the usual features of banner advertising and the function of raising, highlighting an advertisement, there are “showcases” - this is an opportunity for companies to maintain their own ads section, which stand out from other publications and have a more convenient interface for mass work with ads.

    With current attendance an average of 200 people, zarbazar gives 540,000 ad impressions per month on Those. so far only 16,000 rubles in cash.

    We haven’t attracted attention to the “shop windows” so far. First, we’ll recruit an audience. This is more important.

    We are sure that it will be possible to achieve attendance of 2,000 people a day - really in the coming year. The estimated income of the project is about 120,000 rubles per month with the indicated attendance.

    Not bad, considering the really modest investment of money and the fact that the project is "small-town".

    By the way, well, it is very interesting to engage in the development and advertising of such a mini-project.

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