Version 1.5.3 released

    Major changes:
    • Blobstore API - no upload size limit
    • Index List - programmatic access to the list of indexes and their statuses
    • Datastore Admin - can be enabled from the admin console
    • Memcache API for Python - now supports CAS operations
    • Java Updates - using the AppCfg download_app command, you can download any files downloaded from the application war directory

    Details below ...

    Additions to the Java and Python APIs

    Blobstore API : removed limit on upload size. Now you can upload files of any size, which allows the application to work with images, videos, etc.

    Data store

    • List of Indexes : added the ability to programmatically obtain a list of indexes defined for your application currently in the data warehouse, as well as their statuses.
    • Datastore Admin : Now you can enable the data warehouse administrator function from the administrator console. This will allow Java developers to use this feature to remove all entities of a certain kind, without having to download the Python version of their application. And Python developers no longer need to define this in the app.yaml application file.
    • HRD migration testers : seek volunteers to try the improved HRD migration utility. Details in release notes.

    Python Updates

    Memcache API : now supports CAS (comparison and replacement) operations. This API can be used to update a value in Memcache only if there are no other update requests between the time the value was read and the time you are about to update it.

    Java Updates

    Download the application : using the AppCfg download_app command, you can download any files downloaded from the application’s war directory during the last update.

    More information can be found here:

    Java release notes
    Python release notes

    Source: App Engine 1.5.3 Release

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