iPad as a platform for developing web applications

    Modern society is mobile, easily adapts to a dynamically changing environment. We are in touch with the global network everywhere: in the car, on the train, on the subway, even on the toilet!
    In my opinion, the term On-The-Go! most accurately characterizes a modern person.

    Now the tablet has ceased to be a luxury and a gadget that only the president has. It has been half a year since I became the proud owner of an iPad. Basically, I used it for surfing the Internet, presenting video works to customers, and reading technical literature (oddly enough, but it’s more convenient for me to read art from an iPhone). But from the moment of purchase I never left the thought “Is it possible to fully develop web applications on the iPad? So that the computer was not needed at all? " And today I can say -YES - on the iPad you can conduct full-fledged web development. Today, the AppStore already has a number of programs that will greatly help when developing applications on the iPad.

    My development process usually consists of the following steps:
    1. I draw an idea using mental maps.
    2. In Evernote I write a text that describes the functionality of the program in more detail. At this time, the idea of ​​the interface is more clearly formed in the head.
    3. I draw prototypes of program interfaces. I refine and coordinate them with the customer.
    4. I am developing a database.
    5. I program.

    Now try to repeat this process on the iPad.
    Note: I’m developing web applications on the iPad in a bunch of PHP + MySQL + Server in the Selectel cloud .

    1. Draw an idea using mental maps

    I looked at about 7 mental map drawing programs and settled on Idea Sketch .

    It is free.
    Can save mental cards as images and send via email or post to Facebook.
    Only a few colors for color coding blocks.

    2. Develop terms of reference in Evernote .

    Everything is simple here. I am sure that everyone has known and used this product for a long time. Well, who does not use it, I highly recommend it. In short: This is your notebook, which is accessible from any device.

    Available from any device.
    It is possible to send notes by email.
    Does not support formatting in edit mode. In fact, it is not clear why this function has not yet been implemented.

    3. Draw prototypes of interfaces.

    For drawing interfaces on the iPad in the AppStore there is a wonderful program iMockups .

    Well suited for drawing simple interfaces.
    There is already a ready-made set of controls for regular web applications and iPhone / iPad applications.
    You can exchange with colleagues via email in iMockups format or as images.
    Cons I have
    not noticed yet.

    4. Develop a database.

    I did not find specialized clients for MySQL in the AppStore. Therefore, work with the database is carried out through Safari in phpMyAdmin.

    And now I come to the 5th, most interesting point - programming :)

    5. Programming, programming and programming again!

    For a long time I used Textastic for coding . But some time ago the Koder application came out , having seen that, I immediately fell in love.
    To be objective, the functionality of both programs is about the same, but the Koder IMHO interface is prettier. Therefore, in today's review we will focus on Koder .

    • Koder supports working with local files, FTP, Dropbox and iDisk.
    • The code in the application can be broken down by project.
    • Supports snippets.
    • It is possible to upload local files to FTP.
    • Syntax highlighting in over 20 programming languages.
    • The ability to open multiple files in tabs at once.
    • There is a code preview (when creating a project, it is written on which URL the project is hosted).
    • Search and replace function.
    • Keyboard with special characters.
    • Bluetooth keyboard support.

    6. Server administration.

    Well, lastly, the 6th bonus point.
    It is very convenient to administer the server using the iSSH program .
    As they write on the Internet, "one of the best SSH applications for iOS." Perhaps I will agree with them.

    I have not mentioned CSS3Machine yet . Program for creating CSS3 styles and animations. I didn’t use it, so I can’t say anything.

    This concludes my review of web application development programs on the iPad. If I overlooked something, software or important points, write about it in comments.

    UPD: Of course, this method cannot completely exclude development on a PC. And at a time when a PC is at hand, I prefer a PC. But more often interesting thoughts come when I'm still On-The-Go!

    Productive to you coding everywhere and anytime!

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