Tabbed Image Viewer

    I have long wanted to write some simple service, tied to materials published on the hub Yesterday, a pretty simple idea came to my mind - to derive popular images from comments. So, meet: - a service for viewing zababernyh pictures.

    Showing pictures from publications in the last three days. Images are sorted by the rating of the comment in which they are present. Pictures from the articles themselves are not shown because with them would be just a dump of images. But comments are a completely different matter - usually a picture is placed in a comment in order to present their thoughts in an original and effective way. In fact, most pictures are used in a humorous context. There is no point in describing the interface of the site, I hope it is clear without words. The site provides RSS- tape. Everything. Interesting habhabanya.

    UPD: Added also output of tabular links:

    Also popular now: