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    Keep children out of the Internet.
    The Internet is dumb from children.
    Dmitry Goblin Puchkov

    Ti in contact restored his page ??
    not? what are you doing then on the internet ??????
    Someone N @ WALL

    VKontakte, Facebook, mySpace, Classmates, yes, in principle, all social networks are evil. But as in any evil that is not absolute (and therefore any in general), there is a certain proportion of good. For example, Facebook coupled with Twitter has become an excellent PR tool, a user feedback tool and a tool for increasing loyalty. But a lot of articles have been written about this, but I have not yet seen a single one about the implicit advantage of the VKontakte social network.

    Perhaps, two things inspired me to write this article: recent updates on Vkontakte and quotes that I attached with an epigraph. I am not a “contact” person, but on this social network I am quite active. Having stumbled upon Nastenka’s sincere surprise at bashorg, I thought hard and was surprised to notice that a fairly large percentage of acquaintances are more and more in contact and less and less on the Big Internet. Prior to this, I used this social network as a tool: a notebook, some kind of ICQ (with the introduction of the ability to connect via xmpp it became even more convenient) and a little social activity in the form of statuses, photos and comments on them. But before that I did not think at all about the global plans of Vkontakte. Like most, I was too lazy to look for information and even just re-read the innovations of Vkontakte, but I strained my memory and began to analyze. I’m inactive in Facebook, but I, like many of the Habra users, read a lot about it, therefore I will compare these two social ones, both similar and unlike.

    Facebook is positioning itself as a link between sites and people. Likes of pages outside of Facebook - this is almost the main thing that determines the popularity of Facebook. Vkontakte, on the contrary, strives not to unite, but to absorb, to include in itself. Yes, in many ways Durov and his team are copying Zakerberg’s actions, but still they act completely differently. The user of Vkontakte does not want to leave his cozy shell of a site that he understands, he wants ICQ and IRC, shops, porn, and children's content, and all companies inside Vkontakte. The user wants Vkontakte to give Mikhail “supermacho, I fuck everything that moves” to Aslanov on Vkontakte and the girl agreed to give it, and the president replied when the prices for “jaguar” and “Wings” were reduced. The VKontakte team is trying to include the functionality of all successful social networks: the social basis from Facebook, Twitter’s microblogging, 4square’s geolocation part, scrobbling (in its infancy) and Last.fm’s music recommendations, it’s strange that they still haven’t made their Groupon. When Vkontakte announced that they introduced the “my documents” function, I immediately thought of google docs (I’m sure that this service will be soldered over time), but it turned out to be just a file hosting service, which, in fact, is not bad either. How soon to wait for a service similar to Facebook-mail?

    And what does this mean for us geeks? Many call Vkontakte bydloservice, but few of them thought that the popularity of this bydloservice could be a blessing for non-fiction. I’ll draw a simple analogy, you live in a city, and suddenly in one part of it they organize a legal cattle zone, here you will find discos with karaoke and fountains with a “jaguar” and apartments with “girls”. Of course, the entire “difficult” audience will begin to slide there. So in our case, Vkontakte becomes either a collector for, well, it’s clear what, or, to be more tolerant, a playpen for children. Of course, this social network cannot absorb the entire "not a cake" contingent of the Internet, but it at least slightly reduces the degree of "shkolota" in "our Internet". It remains to be hoped that "the creators of Wikipedia will collect all the information they are interested in and fly away to their galaxy," but these, alas, are dreams, dreams.

    I already wrote above that all evil has a flip side, and, as a rule, it is not alone. I believe that Vkontakte is a blessing not only from a social point of view, but also from a technological point of view, hussars are silent! Before directing a fan with shit on my side, read what I mean. Vkontakte manages to do what many webmasters did not succeed. Namely, significantly reduce the share of IE6. How, you ask? Yes, just canceling his support. As you know, most of the IE6 audience are “hamsters”, most of “Vkontakte” are also the same hamsters. We cancel support => we force users to update the browser. A site that has overtaken Yandex in popularity in Runet can afford it.

    I consider Vkontakte - a service of sanitation of Runet. There is a feeling that the Durov team wants to make a small Internet, where all the same toys as in all other places, but in one place. And then, once again, we’ll shut ourselves up: offer providers to introduce “VKontakte” tariffs for mere pennies, but only inside the “Manezhik” servers and thereby clear the Internet from a significant part of “non-caged” users. Of course, I understand that everyone will not be removed, but a little unloading the runet would not hurt.

    Of course, maybe it's just that my imagination rang out, but I want to believe in it. It is possible, “The Dallas plan does not exist, but it works,” and even if the plans of the VKontakte team do not have such ideas, they are still being implemented.
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