As we in Yandex DMRSE counter clocked up

Today, on Valentine's Day, Yandex has placed a heart counter on the main page.
As soon as we saw this, we immediately received an offer to wind it up. There is a task - we perform it.

One of the frontend developers set the task to do it quickly and cheaply.

On his part, he received a legitimate proposal to make him a "TK", I will give his fragment.


  • Make the counter spin.
  • To make it fast.

Technical assignment received, time to get down to business. First of all, they decided to google, for sure there are already ready-made solutions or at least ideas on how to implement it.

Searches failed, most likely, Yandex concealed these results.

There was nothing left to do, how to once again get together with the whole department and collectively, solve the problem (did not help).

When we returned to the workplaces, our artificial intelligence has already completed this task, without stopping to start, and now "READY".

If you want to join:

  1. Open the stanitsa "Yandex"
  2. Open the developer console
  3. copy the code below
  4. press Enter


Everyone is happy, there are more hearts.

Make love, not war :)

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