QIWI wallet no longer works with VKontakte rubles (earned again 07/19/11)

    Like many others, I used the well-known Webmoney payment scheme in companies that do not support this payment system but work with QIWI: WMR money was transferred to VKontakte account, and there QIWI-wallet 2.0 application allowed using it to pay for products and services .

    Some time ago, to pay for the service, I threw 800 WMR into Vkontakte and went to pay. However, when I tried to pay, I received the following message (it is still displayed):

    I waited a few days, then I waited a few more days ...
    Two days ago, the following information appeared on the application group wall (it’s already worn and is currently available in the cache Google, and also here ):

    That's how easy and simple people are to this day, without any second thoughts, transferring money to their account as a gift to Uncle Durov.
    At the moment, a lot of the same wretches like me are asking themselves - what to do with the money entered into Vkontakte?
    I do not know the whole internal background of the situation, however, it seems to me that Pavel Durov earned quite a lot on this fraud.

    UPD July 19, 2011 Qiwi-wallet again started working with rubles VKontakte.

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