Testers! Everything on Ciklum QA Saturday (July 16)!

    Software testing at the development stage is one of the important parts of its creation. The Quality Assurance (QA) process is multifaceted and complex. Who doesn’t know about this as testers!

    According to the tradition of our subbotniks, colleagues decided to share their experience in QA. Therefore, everyone who is not indifferent to QA and testing in principle, we invite July 16 to our Kharkov office on Ciklum QA Saturday . Not only interesting presentations from speakers from different cities are expected, but also excellent communication in a friendly atmosphere, lively discussions and discussions at the end of the main program.

    The following speakers will participate in this Ciklum QA Cleanup:
    • Artyom Vasyuk, QA Test Lead, Scalepoint Ciklum will talk about "Acceptance Criteria and Acceptance Testing"
    • Ivan Lysenko, QA Test Lead will share his experience in “Load Testing with Apache JMeter”
    • Vladislav Gorodetsky, RoR developer, Ciklum - with the theme “Travis CI — Distributed, Continuous Integration for the Ruby community”
    • Alexander Lutsaevsky CSC Technical Consultant / Program manager “sheds light” on the topic “Testing in the dark: testing without requirements”
    • Gleb Rybalko, QA Lead, GlobalLogic Padawans want to teach Testing Research on the Dark Side of the Force.

    Please note that the number of reports is preliminary, and minor changes and additions are possible in it to the delight of the participants :)

    Where: The event will be held in the Kharkov office of Ciklum, at ul. Otakar Yarosh 18-D, TC "Movement", 3rd floor. Not far from metro station "Botanical Garden" (exit to the hotel "Mir" and 1 minute walk) in the heart of the "Silicon Valley" of the city. :)
    When: July 16, 11:00 - 18:00

    Registration is already open for participation in. To reserve a place on Ciklum QA Saturday in advance, please fill out the short registration form on the link

    We will be glad to see you!

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