Three ways to worry less

    When I went to kindergarten, I forgot to undress: I sat in the locker room and thought about my own. When I went to school, I forgot my briefcase. When it grew, the situation did not improve. Perforce have to adapt. One way is not to be distracted by the rest. What is exciting at the moment. In other words, worry less. Here are my three ways (about others later, if you like these).

    Less worried way # 1: Turn off the second line

    Telephone operator and man with Bratz shorts

    I could not select one photo and inserted both

    I spent a lot of effort to get fewer calls. Why are calls evil? If your job is only to receive calls, that's fine. In other cases, they tear you away from something important. Therefore, mostly friends and relatives called me (it is useless to explain to them - they will not understand and will still be offended), and that is not often. Sometimes I spend the whole day without a single incoming call. And sometimes I get two or three, and, according to the law of meanness, all three at the same time. Here comes the second line. An infection invented by telephone companies to increase the duration of calls and make more money. For subscribers, this is pure evil: a parallel line spoils both conversations , and creates a bunch of unnecessary things:

    1. You need to interrupt the interlocutor: I'm sorry, I have a different line.
    2. You need to kill the second person. Before he said that he wanted, you need to insert: "I'm sorry, I'm on the other line, I'll call you back."
    3. Sometimes this does not help - on the second line the person is inflexible. He still states that he was going to.
    4. Switch back and remember what they were talking about.
    5. Do not forget to call back.

    Add failed calls on the first or second line due to poor communication or an unobvious management interface. Hence the question: why such a vile service exists in the market at all? I think, because of human fear, to miss something important. Plus, because its operators include by default, supposedly for free.

    Therefore, it must be disabled . In my Beeline, it turns on every time I change the tariff - I have to turn it off again. But nothing - it's worth it.

    As you can see, this removes a lot of problems from me. And what about those who call you? You can choose how to deal with them:

    1. Do not call back.
    2. Call back immediately when you receive a text message about a missed call
    3. Call back later - start the timer (see method number 3).

    Way to worry less No. 2: Close the clock in the car

    Seal the watch

    Imagine that you are stuck in traffic and are late for a meeting. Nothing can be done with the situation itself: you cannot remove the cork. It remains to change the attitude towards the situation . To do this, I glued myself a watch in the car with a band-aid . Arriving at the meeting, I look at the clock (on the cell) and if I am late, I apologize. It's all. The result is the same, only without nerves. Right?

    One but. It would be nice to warn people in advance that you are late. To do this, the timer (method No. 3) comes to the rescue: before leaving, get it so that it rings out 5 minutes before the meeting. The timer rang, called those who are waiting for you, free. Listen to podcasts, build eyes for girls in Peugeot or just admire your city.

    Less worried way # 3: Start a timer

    Start the timer

    Man is poorly adapted for a number of things. For example, we swim badly: the floundering even of Olympic champions cannot be compared with swordfish, which has a spear to reduce drag and develops a speed of 130 km / h. Another person remembers something badly at the right time. We say that we will call back in 10 minutes, and forget. This is normal. Let's put up with this and think about how to be.

    My option is to start a timer . When you say that you will call back, set a timer on the phone. Sometimes the interlocutors are surprised that I called back on time, and that I even called back - so rarely does anyone succeed.

    So what?

    Have I become obligatory? Not. I got a third duplicate of rights in three years, managed to mix up two performances at the Royal Opera and found 500 euros in the inside pocket of my jacket (which I obviously “lost” there before). I had to start (and close for hopelessness) a special service in order to cope with ordinary things. But at least I don’t worry, standing in traffic, do not interrupt the phone call and call back on time.

    Update: Many people write, what if the call is urgent? I answer: urgency is poison.

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