Google Goggles learned to read in Russian

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Alexey Masters, Google Product Manager
Today, we are pleased to introduce several new features to the Google Goggles service to our users . First of all, it is recognition and translation of texts in Russian. In addition, users will now be able to view the Google Goggles search history on Maps, as well as copy search results (for example, contacts, web page addresses, etc.) to the phone’s clipboard. Thanks to changes in the Google Googles interface, using the service and navigating the search results has become even easier! So ...

Recognition and translation of texts in Russian

From today, the Google Goggles service is able to "read" the Russian alphabet. For example, if you photograph a text in Russian, Google will recognize it and offer to translate it into more than 40 languages. Russian alphabet recognition is now also available for iOS users in the Google Mobile App . Map Mode in Google Goggles Search History

If you have activated the web history feature for Google Goggles, it will contain a list of all the images you searched for. But when this list gets too long, it’s easy to get lost in it. That is why today we offer you a new mode for viewing the history of web search - maps. Now all your image requests will be “attached” to the place where you were when you were looking for information. It is enough to zoom in on the map and find the request made at a certain point. Copy contacts and text search results to the clipboard

If you need to remember the URL of a web page, a phone number from a billboard, or any other information, Google Goggles will help with this! Using the new version of the service 1.5, you can not only recognize the text, but also copy it to the clipboard. After that, it remains only to insert the information in an email or save it in any other way familiar to you.

Google Goggles version 1.5 is already available on Android Market .

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