Products in Yandex.Market - now in 3D

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Many people attribute the disadvantages of electronic commerce to the fact that on the Internet it is impossible to look at a product from different angles - to "twist" it before buying.

This argument is already untenable - on the Internet you can find 3D models of goods. And today we started collecting them on Yandex.Market. 

Now any user who finds it difficult to choose between the iPhone  and HTC Desire HD can not only find out the technical characteristics of the products and read customer reviews, but carefully consider the models from all sides and make the right decision.

We have just begun adding 3D models to the Market, but today the most popular cell phones, camcorders, cameras, laptops and MP3 players already have them. Manufacturers who want to place models of their products are invited to cooperate.

The Yandex.Market team, for comprehensive development.


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