Apps4Russia is an open data contest in Russia. Official announcement

    On Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 17:00 in the city of Moscow in the club Pir O.G.I. on Sretenka at 26/1 Sretenka Street ( ) the announcement of the Apps4Russia contest will be held.

    Apps4Russia ( ) is a competition for creating projects based on open data and data collected from citizens, the so-called crowdsourcing. Projects created for public benefit, solving various problems, ensuring greater transparency of the state and organizing citizens to solve problems “with the whole world”.

    The basis of the competition, open data, is one of the most relevant and sought-after topics in the field of state openness. Open data is disclosed by various states and international organizations around the world. Special portals on open data are created by the governments of the USA ( )., Singapore ( ), Great Britain ( ), European Union ( ) and other countries. Open data portals are available from the UN and the World Bank.

    They are created not just like that, but for the purpose that citizens, non-profit organizations and businesses use this information to create fundamentally new projects. For the appearance of such projects, such contests are announced.

    For example, you can take a look at such contests as:

    and many others. A full list of such contests can be found here -

    Contests allow citizens not only to create projects, but also receive rewards for their creation and fame, winning prizes. Participation in the competition will allow you to show your skills, add an important line to your resume, benefit people, and possibly find an idea for a successful startup.
    As a result of competitions, hundreds of projects are being created, many of which may be applicable to Russia.

    Our Apps4Russia contest is organized for the same purpose. We are sure that there are many active developers in Russia who are able to create the projects everyone needs, use open data, and help citizens solve common problems.

    Our competition is not state, not political and not commercial. Its organizers and the jury are people who decided that in our country we are ready for such events and have invested our personal funds in it.

    We do not limit the participants in choosing topics for projects, however, we will be especially attentive to projects related to topics such as:

    • Urban infrastructure / environment
    • HOA / tariffs / prices
    • Public finance
    • Government services
    • Ecology
    • Transformation and / or visualization of historical data

    Competition Jury:

    • Ivan Begtin, creator of , and other projects in the field of open government
    • Simon Kordonsky, Professor, Head of the Department of Local Government, HSE.
    • Ekaterina Aksenova, businesswoman and blogger about the open state
    • Dmitry Itskovich, chairman of the editorial board,

    The competition will be held from June 31 to October 1. We accept all projects aimed at technological solutions for public benefit. To take part you need to send an application at and start creating your project. Or perhaps he is already ready and in the application you can immediately indicate it.

    You can find the full list of topics and a detailed description of the competition on the website

    For all questions, you can write to me on ibegtin (dog) or comments here

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