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    Recently, only “lazy developers” do not revolve around “Taxi”. Why the theme of “Taxi” is so attractive to Russian start-ups of startups , I do not know. For us, 2Comrades, a year and a half ago, the idea of ​​making a project for a taxi was not a show or an attempt to pull money from an investor. We were interested in financial gain and an idea. But I would like to talk about the project a bit later. And now, who are interested, I’ll tell you about a taxi in Moscow. It so happened that in Moscow alone, our project brought together more than 200 taxi fleets, about 120 of them are always online. And by taxi fleets, I mean official carriers, with round-the-clock dispatching, etc., which will be discussed later. For a year and a half, I learned more about a taxi than I saw, read or listened to in any other sources. And the more I learn, the more I understand how truly large the iceberg is. And even if this topic is not in the format of a hubr, it is necessary in the further description of the project, so that you understand what’s what and why everything is exactly like that.

    Before you start

    I apologize in advance for the jargon. At one time, he also turned me on the wrong side, but you get used to it.

    off board - for example, take a client off board . This means picking up a voting client.
    port - for example, a trip to the port . Of course, there I will bring the airport)
    clearing - the clearing order. Those. an order from a legal entity that has entered into an agreement with a taxi fleet for the transportation of its customers. The client does not pay for such orders, but at the end of the month the legal entity receives a bank transfer invoice from the taxi fleet.
    on line, on air - “online” status of the driver.

    Who are you, taxi driver?

    Taxis in Moscow can be divided into 3 categories.

    1. The bombs. Those that can stop at the voters on the same strip, collecting the cork for themselves. The ones that "wow, dear showEat?". Those who can rob or worse. Those who are the easiest to catch in Moscow, and as a result, who is most convenient to travel around Moscow when you need to quickly.
    In Europe, almost nowhere will you catch a car from the side. There is a special for this. parking for taxis. I'm not talking about the states where, of course, taxi is taken from the side, but not civilian cars. No one will decide to drive you and vice versa, no one will sit in a private car. But Europe and America are far away, back to our “rams”)), despite all the obvious cons, they bombed, they have one big advantage - it’s worth raising your hand at any time of the day, as you are lined up.
    Cars: killed vases, Nexia, and the like.

    2. Private traders with checkers. The same bobyls, but lazy) Most often Russians, quite often former Soviet taxi drivers. They drive on dozens and inexpensive foreign cars, put on checkers. They often have their own clientele and prefer to stand by the hot spots rather than travel around the city.
    To be honest, they are not much different from the first. Unless they speak Russian, they know the way and it is safer with them. But these are the same bombers.
    Cars: fresh vases, old foreign cars in good condition.

    3. Official carriers. 24-hour control room, your own fleet of cars or drivers involved. The operator accepts the order, adds it to the database, the dispatcher announces the order by walkie-talkie or appoints a driver for it. Drivers DO NOT take customers off board. With very few exceptions. Perhaps only very experienced taxi drivers working for an official carrier can toss people between orders. Because companies are fined for being late for a taken or appointed order.
    Drivers of official carriers can be divided into 2 more categories. These are hired drivers and attracted.
    Hired, these are drivers on a salary. Those. You buy your fleet and hire a driver for each car. The driver rides from morning to evening, takes and executes orders.
    Attracted is another matter. You, as a taxi fleet, advertise a set of drivers with your car, i.e. hire a driver with his car, and not buy a car in the park. Such drivers do not have a salary, a walkie-talkie is installed and the dispatcher reads orders to them. The driver of such a taxi receives 70-80% of the cost of the order in his pocket, the rest is returned to the dispatcher. Those. dispatching office provides information services. However, she is legally responsible for the driver’s clients.
    It would seem an ideal scheme. The taxi director does not have a headache associated with maintaining and updating the fleet. The driver understands that the more he works, the more he will earn. And all is well, if not for the human factor. The fact is that the involved driver may take the order from the radio, or it may not, at its discretion. May go on the line today, or maybe not. It can go out for half an hour, or maybe for 14 hours. This was clearly visible on May 1, when everyone went to their summer cottages, including taxi drivers and Moscow was left without a taxi)
    “What about hired drivers?”, You ask. But no way. almost 80% of Moscow's official traffic is attracted drivers. Think about it, 80%. Keeping your personal car fleet is very, very expensive. Moreover, this is the most vulnerable position for inspection bodies. In Moscow, you can count on the fingers the companies that keep their fleets of cars (2-5 cars do not count). New Yellow, City, 956, XXL, Prestige and all sorts of "corporate", which have little to do with private transportation, such as Taxi Commander, Other, etc.
    Cars: most often, foreign cars are not older than 5 years. Minimum Logans, Lacetti, tricks, etc.

    Most of all in Moscow, of course, bombed. Different sources speak of different numbers. The community of official carriers is more inclined to a figure of about 40k. Official carriers, there are just over 300 companies in Moscow. We are talking about "live" control rooms, with round-the-clock operators, etc.
    It is not surprising that the client often chooses a bomb, this is the simplest. And, we are used to thinking that the cheapest. But it's not always the case…

    Taxi prices in Moscow

    With bombs, everything is simple and clear. You can drive through the whole city for 300 rubles, or you can drive 5 minutes to the metro 400. Recently, bombers have learned to speak Russian and sometimes even know the way. The price most often depends not on distance or travel time, but on the client himself. How "richly" he is dressed and how much he is drunk.

    Private traders know their worth. Perhaps the most expensive passenger transport in Moscow. The client is accustomed to calling and ordering to the control room, it is expensive and long. And if there is no desire to get into a killed VAZ of the 80s model, the client prefers a private trader on a used foreign car or a fresh basinVAZ. But do not forget that such a driver, like the bomb, does not want and does not bear any responsibility for your safety and health. Well, and even more so, for being late to stations or to ports.

    Official carriers have long introduced the concept of minimum cost of travel. In Moscow, on average, it is 300-400 rubles for the first 20 minutes of the trip. Those. 5 minutes to the subway is clearly not profitable to order. Another thing is to drive through the whole city at night. You can easily meet the deadline of 20 minutes, while giving 350 rubles. Then the bombers or private traders say, “Ohhhh! through the whole city! it's dooooooo! ” And, of course, official carriers are responsible for your lateness in ports, for damage from road accidents, and so on.

    Personally, I go this way and that, unless on private traders. Sometimes it’s easier to catch a bomb, leaving a place. And sometimes it’s easier to pre-order a car, knowing that it is more comfortable, cheaper and more reliable.

    Why is the price of a taxi changing?

    We are all witnesses to the latest scandal with taxi drivers when they blew up Domodedovo. The trip from the port to Moscow reached 20k rubles, while the usual price from the port to get to the house from about 800r and not more than 1500r. On television, authorities are outraged, criticizing the actions of taxi drivers. Sobyanin instructs to deal with parks. Parks unite and decide that in such situations they will carry people for free, etc. In short, the kindergarten))) showed off in front of the camera and forgot.
    But what really happened that day in Domodedovo?

    Bombed in the port, of course, was not. There were private traders waiting for potential customers and official, expecting or seeing off well-known clients. Let me remind you that the explosion thundered in the arrivals hall. At that time, the majority of those waiting in this room were official taxi drivers with signs meeting their customers. They got to the fullest. In a taxi park close to me, two taxi drivers died that day.
    Our project allows you to track the movements of more than 2/3 of Moscow parks and I can guarantee that official carriers did not bend prices. Moreover, our main partners, the general director personally broadcast to the radio that whoever raises prices will be fired. A part of free cars drove by personal initiative went to help people in Domodedovo. But it wasn’t here) nobody was allowed into the airport after the explosion. The entrance is closed, which is very convenient for those who stayed inside. And inside remained the official carriers and local private traders. Official carriers, those ordered for the meeting, do not have the right to select people. Those who saw off do not have the right to raise the price. Here, local private traders and opened a bottle of champagne. The price for leaving hell reached 20k rubles.

    What do we have in the end? Sobyanin instructs the top carriers in Moscow to organize and in such situations take people by taxi from accident sites for free. Those proudly sing the anthem of Russia and solemnly swear in such situations to remove people from the affected areas for free. Ololo, comrades, 3-4 people get into a taxi! Whereas in Mosgortrans there are always a couple of dozen buses in reserve for such cases, which will easily include 50 people. Why weren’t buses sent to Domodedovo?
    On television, the patriarch of All Russia broadcasts that taxi drivers are arrogant, ungrateful and, in general, the most sinful people in the world. And in fact, the official carriers were first blown up, and then mixed with mud.

    But I do not want to delve into politics, who cares, I can tell you in a personal way. Who cuts 30 billion in Moscow, who benefits from showing taxis in this light, etc.

    Startups about and for taxis. Future present

    The problem of taxi startups is perhaps the common problem of most startups. The developers are sure that they will change the world for the better, try to do it as well and as automated as possible for the client, while they hammer in to work directly with raw materials, in this case, with taxi fleets. Do not follow the kitchen, believing that the kitchen should follow them.

    Almost all domestic startups for and for taxis can be divided into 2 camps. Some do more service for customers. Where a client calls a taxi at the touch of a button. Others look more towards carriers, connecting private traders to their system, distributing orders to them.
    We decided to make b2b directly for official carriers. When we started, they laughed at us, they said that this will not work and is not realistic at all. At the moment, they are working with us, they want to work, they tried to buy or almost all modern taxi startups worked or worked. Rambler, mail, yande oh ... these asked not to tell ... teleport (perhaps the only working application at the moment is “one-button taxi” for Moscow and St. Petersburg), intaxi and many others. Not to mention the “offline” partners, such as hotels, restaurants and travel agencies.
    And in the next article I will tell you who we are, what we do, and why we managed to do, probably, the only taxi startup in Russia, having invested only our time in it and making it make money.

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