Game section at 27th Point in Moscow together with Alawar Entertainment

    Dear game developers,

    StartupPoint is pleased to inform you about the start of cooperation between the startup community and the largest game publisher Alawar Entertainment!

    StartupPoint will select promising startups dedicated to developing desktop, mobile and social games for Alawar. In cooperation with startups, Alawar offers two options for interaction - investing in the most promising development studios and publishing individual game projects.

    imageAs a publisher, Alawar plans to support young teams in creating and distributing games for a mass audience, as well as in financing projects. Alawar will help you find the resources necessary for the project at the very early stage of development, and the projects also have qualified support for the company's production center in the field of game design, genre and technical features of the development. The distribution and promotion of the game is part of Alawar’s role as a publisher.

    A distinctive feature of collaboration on the publishing model is the ability for the startup to maintain independence. In the framework of cooperation with StartupPoint, Alawar is ready to consider closer integration of a startup into the company's current business with the provision of investments to the most promising development teams.

    To participate in the selection, the representatives of the startups need to perform three simple steps:
    • Register a startup on Please note that it is possible to hide the project and not display it in the startup directory.
    • Get moderated by StartupPoint analysts
    • Get involved with Alawar Entertainment

    You can show your Alawar project on June 23 in Moscow. StartupPoint holds a special game section at 27th Point . To participate, click on the green “I will go” button on the event page!

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