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The holiday season and overseas trips are in full swing. Supporting the summer-tourism theme, we publish new satellite images of the capitals of southeastern Europe: Sofia , Bucharest , Bratislava , Ljubljana , Zagreb , Tirana and Nicosia .

Adriatic lovers are invited to explore the coast from the Montenegrin Bar to the Croatian Dubrovnik .

Something new can be found by lovers of spending summer evenings in Turkey. In addition to the metropolitan Ankara , two millionaire cities were added: Izmir and Adana . Also, a picture of Istanbul was updated and two resort cities were added - Kusadasi and Cesme .

And you can virtually visit the capital of Turkmenistan Ashgabat and the ancient city of Uzbekistan Samarkand .

For the curious, we offer a short excursion to local attractions. As you know, the region of southeast Europe and Asia Minor has an ancient history. It is not surprising that in many cities that fell on our pictures, ancient fortresses and castles have been preserved:

The old city inside the fortress walls of Dubrovnik . Unesco World Heritage SiteMedvedgrad is an ancient fortified city located in the vicinity of Zagreb on the slope of Mount MedvednitsaBratislava Castle is the central castle of Bratislava. The symbol of the Slovak capitalLjubljana Castle - a castle in the center of Ljubljana, founded in the 9th century
Citadel of the Old Bar - Montenegrin fortress of the XI-XIX centuriesNicosia Old Town , surrounded by 16th century Venetian wallRumelihisar is a 15th-century fortress located on the European coast of IstanbulThe medieval fortress in Cesme , next to which in 1770 the battle was victorious for the Russian fleet

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